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We have an idea

At the end of 2015 we had the idea to build a home automation system on a network of raspberry pis. We started playing with different sensors and working out what would be possible.

Dec 2015

Adrian learns his name

After a few months of development and some difficult times we finally get Adrian to reliably respond to his name. It felt like a huge hurdle had been overcome and we could now power forward with some really exciting functionality.

Feb 2016

The team grows

We had some great functionality working and needed to bring more like minded people on board to help develop the product hardware, security and design. We found some great guys.

April 2016

We decide to launch on Kickstarter

After discussing our possible routes to market we decide that Kickstarter is a perfect way to bring our product directly to the people that will be interested in it. We begin working on a campaign to raise the awareness of the project before the launch the Kickstarter campaign.

May 2016

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